Open Water Swim Clinics

Every year, the organizers of Kelowna’s annual Across The Lake Swim put on six open water clinics on consecutive Saturday mornings in June and July that are free for the registrants of the event. If you are interested in attending these clinics, why not register for the Across The Lake Swim (ATLS)–here?  It is a great way to demonstrate your newfound open water swimming skills and confidence. If you are not interested in doing the ATLS, but want to train for one of the many local triathlons, or just become more comfortable in open water swimming, a $5 drop in fee is charged.  For more information, contact the race director at

For intermediate and advanced swimmers, these clinics will cover:

  1. fine tuning stroke technique and body position
  2. drafting other swimmers
  3. advanced sighting techniques
  4. race strategies
  5. maximizing race day swim fitness

For beginners, or for those who just want to improve their open water swim confidence, this series will cover:

  1. a rest or recovery position while in open water
  2. adapting to colder water
  3. adapting to wetsuit swimming
  4. variable breathing techniques
  5. sighting techniques
  6. mass starts and swimming in a crowd
  7. building endurance
  8. staying relaxed
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