The 2021 Open Water Season is now upon us!

Is this the summer you add open water swimming to your regular training regimen?  It is the perfect sport for a pandemic–no need for other people, and the lake is free!
Depending on where you are, you may have already been putting in some distance in open water, but here in the Okanagan, where the lake has been filling up with snow melt, it is still a brisk 15°C, although the coming week of expected sunshine will improve that pretty quickly. So, if you haven’t already done so, it is time to dust off your wetsuit, fix some of those small tears, and get your feet (and the rest of you) wet!
And there is now one more thing: Although the Gyro Swim Loop has long been the safest and best used open water swim training area in Kelowna, this year the City has agreed to formalize a new open water swim area–an out-and-back deep-water course at Cedar Creek Park (600m in each direction), where there is a series of buoys spaced 75m apart. Since the beach is rocky, wearing water shoes will save your sensitive feet!  Both Gyro and Cedar Creek are quiet spots to swim, especially early in the morning, before the boats are out.  And since the Gyro parking lot is free until 9AM, you can figure out why most of us swim well before that.
See you out there!

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